about Enterprise Business Machines

Total Solution Company

EBMIT specializes in the promotion and support of IT systems in public and private organizations. EBMIT is a modernized company operating in the IT industry. Over the years it has expanded its clientele, thus has a presence in the most important and most demanding sectors such as shipping industry, education sector, insurance industry, financial-banking sector, hotel industry etc. It has extensive experience and therefore enjoys the respect of both its partners and clients.

Introduced in the market in a dynamic way with its flexible and innovative solutions as well as the quality and reliability of its products, the company soon acquired a high ranking in the IT market that has been maintained ever since.

In 2017, EBMIT was the first to introduce the enterprise level IT products and managed services which obtained exceptional feedback setting new higher standards for its local competitors. Today, the Company is a certified partner of the largest international IT Group, such as IBM, HP, LENOVO, MICROSOFT, SAMSUNG, CISCO & EPSON

In this aspect, EBMIT is the ideal partner for each modern company that wishes to reduce internal procedures time and enhance its productivity under lower costs. EBMIT’s reliability and respect towards its clients have named the company as the most reliable IT and Technology partner. Thus, it is easy to explain why EBMIT has acquired a leading position and continues to take a large part of the IT market.