EBMIT is a Single-Source Provider of
Technology, Solutions and Services
For Progressing Businesses

Locations And Benefits in Pakistan

We are based on Two Locations in Pakistan: Lahore and Karachi. With our Proficiency in better Products and Services, we will expand our scale to International Level.

The benefits we sell include many intangibles: confidence, reliability, knowing that somebody will be there to answer questions and help at the important times. These are complex products that require serious knowledge and experience to use.

Our competitors tend to sell only the products themselves, and very little in the way of after-sale training and support.


New technology has changed almost everything about the traditional IT industry, and for all practical purposes it no longer exists. The new Information Industry has emerged because of the technology of convergence.

The primary driver of convergence of different forms of information is technological change, specifically the rapid diffusion of digital technology into an ever-wider array of information businesses. Beyond fast moving technologies, dramatic changes in computing and telecommunications industries (mainly in faster microprocessors and increasing bandwidth) are also driving convergence.

Service and Support

Our strategy hinges on providing unparalleled Service and Support, which is critical to setting us apart from the competition. We differentiate on service and support in order to become true partners with our clients. Our service offers include:

Up-Time Guarantees

All-inclusive service agreements to insure maximum productivity for our clients.

Internal Training

The "learning and growth" part of our Balanced Scorecard performance measurement strategy will include the requirement that our Systems Engineers and sales professionals become relevant technology certified by the end of FY2018.

Customer Training

We aim in providing comprehensive customer training programs with all of our offerings, to include systematic follow up and refresher training.

UpGrade Analysis

We periodically assess our client's business processes and requirements and offer cost-effective upgrade solutions to meet changing needs.